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Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Films (BOPP)

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Product Description

"Biaxially oriented" means that the film is stretched in two different directions. Orientation brings about several changes in the film, such as lower elongation (harder to stretch), higher tensile strength for a given thickness, greater stiffness, improved optical properties, and improved barrier to water/gases. When barrier and sealing properties are required, they can be obtained by using either of two methods: coating the film, or co-extruding layers of different materials. We use the co-extrusion process because it makes the film totally recyclable. It is also a more efficient process.

Examples of our product offering include:

Heat Sealable Films


BM BTS - Metallizable Base BOPP Film

CW DE - Two Sides Heat Sealable Film for Cigarette Wrapping

PG BTF - 120, 140 Gauge - Sealable BOPP Film

PG BTF - 160 - 200 gauge Sealable BOPP Film

PG BTF - 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 Gauge Sealable BOPP Film

PG ST - Overwrapping BOPP Film

PG UTS - Low SIT Sealable BOPP Film

TAS - Anti-Fog BOPP Film

TMS - Matte BOPP Film

TSS - BOPP Film - Two Sides Heat Sealable with Low COF

TSY - BOPP Film - Two Sides Heat Sealable


White Films


LB IM - In Mould Label Film

LB WR White Pearlescent High Yield BOPP Film for Wraparound Label and Flexible Packaging Applications

LBW High Opacity White Pearlescent BOPP Film - Heat Sealable One Side Treated

LLD - Cavitated White BOPP Film

PB A White Pearlized BOPP Film 2 Sides Treated

PB BTS White Pearlescent BOPP Film Both Sides Sealable

PB ET High Opacity Cavitated White Pearlescent BOPP Film

PB UTS - White Pearlescent BOPP Film Low Seal Temp

PB W Cavitated White Film

PBA - White Pearlescent BOPP Film - Heat Sealable Two Sides Treated

PE BTS White Pearlescent BOPP Thick Film

WSS - White Opaque BOPP Film

WT BTF - Solid White BOPP Film


Non-Heat Sealable Films


LBL PL - Clear BOPP Film Two Sides Treated

PIT Plain BOPP Film - Tape Application

PL EG - Non-Heat Sealable Films with High Gloss and Transparency

Plain Non-Heat Sealable Film One Side Treated - PG

PLL - Non-Heat BOPP Film One Side Treated

SP - Slip Modified Film


Label Films


LB WO - White Film for Pressure Sensitive Labels

LBWRA - White BOPP Film for Wrap Around Label Applications

LLD - White BOPP Film for Wrap Around Labels

MVS - White Metallized BOPP Film

PLEG - Non Sealable Film Having Extra Gloss


Specialty Films


AF EU - Anti-Fog BOPP Film

Mat - One Side Matt BOPP Film

Mat 2S - Two Side Mat BOPP Film

MVS - Metallized White Cavitated BOPP Film

TMS - One Side Matt BOPP Film


Metallized Films


ME H - High Barrier Metallized BOPP Film

ME-BTS One Side Heat Sealable

ME-PB White Pearlescent Metallized BOPP Film

MSB - Metallized Film with One Side Heat Sealable

TBM - Metallizable Grade BOPP Film


Please contact info@spartanpackagingsolutions.com for more information on pricing and specifications.


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