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Crowd Customization

Crowd Customization is a process where buyers of goods and services can combine their buying power to meet minimum requirements for custom made products or unique services, and then solicit and purchase these items on the website.   If you are interested in customizing one of our current products or starting a new crowd customization process, please contact us at crowdcustomization@spartanpackagingsolutions.com.


Crowd customization is an e-commerce software application where buyers of goods and services can combine their buying power to meet quantity thresholds that manufacturers have for producing custom products not otherwise available to the public.  This e-commerce solution is a module used on a dedicated website or 3rd party sites to solicit offers in various products or services that are customizable and then invites other like-minded individuals or companies to tender offers in purchasing similar products or services.   


The application aggregates in real time the numbers of potential buyers in each product so that interested parties can exchange information and see the additional amount needed before the manufacturer agrees to produce the product.  This crowd sourcing of a new custom product is based on demand not otherwise seen through traditional channels.  


This application can also be used by sellers to identify standard products and services as customizable and solicit bids from multiple buyers and combine their aggregate bids to satisfy their quantity requirements.  

Current Crowd Customization projects: 

Reference project #1014.   White plastic 5 gallon pail.  Customers have requested yellow pail.  Manufacturer requires 1000 units to proceed.  Currently pledged 700 units on 5/28/19.